Relaxation Wellness Massage

The traditional relaxation massage sometimes referred to as a Swedish massage is a combination of soothing massage techniques promoting relaxation, health and wellness by encouraging blood circulation throughout the body and increasing “feel good” hormones.

 60 minute….$80 | 90 minute….$100

Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping utilizes negative pressure through a gentle suction with cups placed directly on the skin effecting the underlying tissue.  The connective facial tissue layers are gently separated, allowing the fluids that bathe all the tissues of the body to enter the adhered tissue drawing circulation to the site.  The result is immediate increase in the mobility of the treatment site.  Depending on the severity of the restriction, range of motion of a joint is immediately increased and pain caused by the restriction is eliminated.

60 minute….$90 | 90 minute….$110

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage

Deep tissue and sports massage are results based massage sessions that focus on areas in the body that need extra work due to overuse or training for an event or playing/practicing a sport.  Sessions include specific pressure, stretching, and neuromuscular techniques to fine tune the body to a pain free efficient place of movement.

60 minute….$90 | 90 minute….$110

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a 40 week process that changes a woman’s body like no other time in her life.  Massage during this time can help ease the discomfort of the daily changes experienced as the baby is growing.  Special pillows and cushions are used for optimal comfort during each session as well as special training on where and how to safely give massage during all stages of pregnancy.

60 minute….$80 | 90 minute….$100

Injury Treatment/ Rehabilitative Massage

Massage sessions that help to restore function and mobility to the body following an injury, accident or chronic overuse are very specialized and specific, requiring a treatment plan and multiple visits over a period of time to obtain results.  Techniques used include deep tissue, hydrotherapy, massage cupping, neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic facilitation, active stretching & myofascial techniques.

Insurance billing available with select providers with a prescription.

60 minute …..$140 billed  “time of service” discount is available to all clients

Payments Accepted: Cash, Personal Check, Credit Cards & HSA/FSA spending cards accepted


Medical services are billed to insurance (health, labor and industry or auto coverage). A “time of service” discount is available to all clients who wish to pay for services at the time received. This discount is for those who are self pay (or do not wish insurance to be billed. It is also appropriate for those who wish to resubmit claims for themselves. All clients have access to this savings if they pay at the time of service delivery.)

This savings reflects the time and cost saved to the administrative efforts needed processing the claim from start to finish. This includes, but is not limited to time saved when: securing a prescription, benefit verification, co-pay collection, delay in payment, writing physician reports, extensive notes/documentation, resubmission of paperwork as required, follow up paperwork, renewal of prescriptions, billing fees and billing service costs, sending out statements, and having further delays in reimbursements are not needed.

All clients have access to this time of service discount. No additional discounts are available.

Insurance Billing

Medical Massage benefits are available through several major insurance carriers.  Massage benefits are for rehabilitative purposes and require a prescription.  Each plan has varying specifications on frequency with treatment plans focusing on injury treatment and rehabilitation.  A diagnosis is required to bill insurance.


Regence / Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Kaiser PPO
PIP – auto injury claim
L&I – workman’s comp

(If you do not see your health plan listed you may have out-of-network benefits, simply refer to your plan details.)



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