Insurance Billing

Medical Massage benefits are available through most major insurance carriers, in addition to massage therapy following a car accident or work incident.  These massage benefits are are for rehabilitative purposes and require a prescription.  Each plan has varying specifications on frequency, and treatment plans focusing on injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Professionals that can write referrals for massage in Washington State are Medical Doctors (MD), Naturopathic Doctors (ND),  and Chiropractors (DC) to name few (please visit the Department of Health  for a complete list.)  

As a massage therapist I work in cooperation with doctors and the insurance companies to help my clients get the treatment they need.

Regence / Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Group Health PPO
PIP – auto injury
L&I – workman’s comp

(If you do not see your health plan listed you may have out-of-network benefits, simply refer to your plan details.)

Co-Pays are due at time of service.  Please bring your insurance card with you and your referral/prescription for massage to your first appointment.